Monday, December 27, 2010

N-E-W (...or recently missed out on) Clinic, The Middle East & Yuck

Expect much writing over the next few weeks. You see I dislocated my shoulder on Christmas day trying to snowboard down a hill on a plastic turf bag. Yes yes, I'm an idiot. But feel free to send music, comment, e-mail and keep me company as I cannot work til I'm all healed.

Clinic are a Liverpool group who have been on the go for thirteen years. Not unlike Radiohead, with urgent yet melancholic vocals and spacey sounds. A soundtrack to boredom on wet winter days. Bubblegum came out in October.

Clinic - Bubblegum

The Middle East disappeared from my radar after being a tad disappointed by their Oxegen show and not hearing much that interested me after that. But here's a single that came out last month, which I like a lot.

The Middle East - 'Jesus Came To My Birthday Party' by SpunkRecords

Poor Yuck, they arrived a few years late. They could have been on the soundtrack to Ten Things I Hate About You, Clueless, Empire Records or any wonderful 90's coming of age/teen adventure movies. I posted and waxed lyrical about them when I ranted about the BBC Sound of 2010 list, and if you haven't heard them please check them out. They're not a 90's throwback band but they have taken some of the better sounds from that era and created tuneful, noisy rock and roll. This single is out in February and they're touring the States with the brilliant Smith Westerns.

Holing Out by Yuck

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