Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 50 of the year ...the forgotten so far

So it's coming close to top 50 albums of the year time.

Of course, no one can listen to every release that comes out each year so these lists depend on who's listened to what, and though LCD Soundsystem and Gorillaz are set to land highly in many lists, there could well be 1000 albums that none of us have heard that are much better. Sean Adam's, founder of Drowned In Sound wrote about listomania in his Sunday Times column yesterday, which is well worth a read if you already pay for it online or have it lying about the house (Culture section). If you're interested in the different factors behind this phenomenon pick yourself up a copy.

So in the countdown to my own top 50 which I'll be publishing this Friday (I hope) I have decided to post about three albums that I never blogged about, didn't play on my radio show, didn't tell my friends about, and didn't go and see live. Because I missed them altogether. But they could well be going in the top 50.

First off is the beautiful, weird and thoroughly fascinating Queen of Denmark by John Grant. It's wonderfully original, rather funny and full of epic-tinged balladry, with fantastic production and heartfelt lyrics. If, like me, you grew up with Elton John, Gilbert O Sullivan and E.L.O and wanted to hear what that influence would have on you if you'd taken up making music, instead of reading music blogs, hey presto, you've got it! I missed it first time round (don't tell anyone but I only copped it cos I read other people's lists), but I'm delighted I've gotten this into my life. It's kinda Christmassy at times!

John Grant - Silver Platter Club Alt

Shit Robot's from The Cradle To The Rave was a "balls, meant to do that but forgot" which is off because when I hear electronic/dance music that I like I get really excited ...cos so so much of it is complete nonsense that when a Caribou or Justice come along I get jittery. It's an excellent album. Moody, silly housey-electro. Maybe Hot Chip's moody but funny older brother? Features Alexis Taylor, Juan McLean, James Murphy and loads more.

Shit Robot - Take 'Em Up (ft. Nancy Wang) Alt

Reflection Eternal's Revolutions Per Minute is a gem in the bucket of poo that was hip-hop this year. A little strong maybe but very little really shone. Kanye will top lists but I just didn't connect with his album. I thought The Roots album was wonderful but it never got the attention I thought it deserved. I was a latecomer to this Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek collaboration but the past few days have been spent devouring this smooth yet biting work. I'm not so good at describing hip-hop but all I'll say is it's got a wonderful feel to it.

Reflection Eternal - Ballad Of The Black Gold Alt

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  1. Love the Shit Robot stuff. He was in Miami a few months ago and we got to interview him :)

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