Thursday, May 19, 2011

new: DJ Shadow - I Gotta Rokk

I listened to the I Gotta Rokk E.P on my way to work this morning. DJ Shadow releases la lot of music. Some of it for the general music fan. Some of it for the sample junkies, the big Shadow fans, the crate diggers, the people that matter to his music. He's also made some iconic popular music. We all know Organ Donor, probably Six Days and Midnight in a Perfect World too. And now it's time to get acquainted with another. But is it any good?

On the title track he gets to grips with that pre-glam metal prog guitar sound and a stompalong beat. Nothing interesting happens. Track 2, I've Been Trying, is as dull and uneventful now as it was 6 months ago when it was played to death by BBC 6 Music. It still sounds like a poor Zero 7 album track. And then it gets interesting. Menacing modern hip-hop sounds on Def Surrounds Us create a chaotic aural subterranean wasteland which leads nicely into the Irn Mnky Swagger Remix of I Gotta Rock. It's got a Pendulum feel about it, which for once is no bad thing. Meanwhile, the Rockwell Remix of I Gotta Rokk wraps the E.P up nicely. Reckon it's a strictly for the Shadow junkies release but if you like a bitta drum n' bass pick up the Rockwell and Irn Mnky Swagger remixes.

....but none of this matters. Shadow doesn't give a shit. He'll sample, record, produce and DJ til he dies, whether bloggers care or not ...though that could be said for any decent music maker so I'll leave it at that.

Def Surrounds Us (Rockwell Remix)- Snippet by djshadow

I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix)- Snippet by djshadow

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