Tuesday, May 10, 2011

new: Michael Kiwanuka, Battles, Tom Vek, White Denim and Overhead, The Albatross

I hear Bryan Adams bring played loudly upstairs. Headphones on, lots of music to get through.

We posted about Michael Kiwanuka recently but now we have an mp3. "Nu soul" or whatever you want to call it is rather hot right now, what with Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings and the likes making lovely noise, Cee Lo Green with one of the biggest records of the past few years, Plan B's take on soul receiving acclaim critically and in the charts and the much talked about return of Amy Winehouse on the cards. It doesn't look silly, it's not a shameless revivalist throwback. It's just lovely music to listen to.

Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me A Tale by Stayloose

New video for the new Battles tune. Had a listen to Glass Drop this morning. It's out June 6th/7th on http://warp.net/. Check back for full review soon.

A few weeks ago I got a shock at the reaction to news of a new release by this guy, Tom Vek. Twitter was abuzz and I was confused. I'd never heard him, and was disappointed as I like to think that I'm an astute follower of modern indie music. He's very good. Leisure Seizure, his second, is out June 6th.

Tom Vek - A Chore by fadedglamourblog

There are a few bands I will pretty much automatically post anything by. White Denim are most certainly one of those bands. Here's a new track, a cover of a song by an old rock band, Hard Stuff. To get this track free the band would like you to:

1. Listen to the record titled Bulletproof by the 1970’s English band Hard Stuff.
2. Listen to this podcast.
3. Have kind of a slightly minorly but mostly harshed buzz from listening to this jam.

Done, done and done. New album, D, out June 3rd in Ireland, 6th in UK and 7th in US. Five (-ish) albums in and they've yet to disappoint.

White Denim - "Jay Time" (Hard Stuff Cover) by One Thirty BPM

An Irish band who I've finally gotten around to listening to. Overhead, The Albatross make tasty melodic epics, not unlike God Is An Astronaut ...another post-rock spectular. Catch them May 20th in the Unicorn in Camden with Orders of the British Empire.

And here's a Phantom package on the band. Phantom is a great rock station in Dublin, worth a listen.

The Listening Post - Overhead, The Albatross by i-con

And lastly, part of the making of Bromst by Dan Deacon. Mindblowing stuff!

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