Sunday, May 8, 2011

Playlists, mixes, mashups, and dancefloor magic (vol. 24)

The blogging has taken a minor hit over the past week or so but I promise, I have pages and pages of bookmarked pages and e-mails with tracks to post! I have been putting some mixes and playlists together.

Firstly is a weekly playlist my friend Byron and I have been putting together called Sunday Smile. Byron is an incredibly talented hair stylist with an amazing taste in music. He already had an encyclopedic knowledge of 50's & 60's soul, psych, R n' B, Blues and Rockabilly when I met him first when he was 18. An interesting cat if ever there was one. Check out his One Record project. People anonymously writing about an album that changed their lives. Get involved, I did one, it's pretty therapeutic!

Secondly, I never posted any Dancefloor Magic tracks yesterday. I've been working 6 days a week. I did nothing after work yesterday and promptly fell asleep on the couch in the evening. I'm feeling refreshed this morning so here are a few tracks to pop onto the old "iPod" and dance about the house to. (I've been getting a bit of a Go-Go Girl 50's shuffle going on myself this morning).

99 Problems. One of the greatest songs of all time. Lyrically it's simply sublime. The more I listen to it, and the rest of Jay Z's back catalogue the more respect I have for the man. Also, there are a million mashups and covers of this track out there, many of them very good (note, Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings edit, Aloe Blacc's cover, Hugo's cover, Philadelphia Grand Jury's cover) ...and many of them very bad but we'll leave it at that.

I got The Grey Album during the week and listened to it over and over. It's Dangermouse's mashup/bootleg/remix of Jay Z's Black Album with The Beatles White Album. One of the best albums I've ever heard. Get on to it lively if you haven't before.

Jay Z - 99 Problems (Dangermouse Grey Album)

Max Tannone is another wonerfully talented mashup/remix/bootleg artist. He has created some of my favourite albums of the past two years, mashing, and creating two gems, Mos Dub and Dub Kweli, mashing Mos Def and Talib Kweli with old dub and reggae grooves. Well worth checking out and a great introduction to both mens work. All links above are to these albums, and all are free to download. The world of mashups is a murky hell hole. These are diamonds in a sea of turds.

Mos Dub by Max Tannone

...and while we're on mashups, you better not be taking yourself too seriously!

Gold Mahna Mahna (Kanye West Vs. The Muppets) by BitCandy

Finally, while on the playlists and DJ theme I've knocked together a 15 minute mix of some of my favourite tracks to DJ. Getting back into "the game" at the moment, got a few gigs coming up over the summer. If you need a DJ and can afford a 6 pack of a nice German beer and are happy with a few hours of soul tunes, The Clash and some profane 80's hip-hop gimme a shout. (offers of money will be given priority, I wanna get me some sweet decks you see ...and buy a new pair of shoes, these Converse are on their last legs!)

minimixsummer2011 by Josh Clarke

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