Friday, May 13, 2011

new stuff from: Alphabet Backwards, Fever Fever, Little Scream, Trophy Boyfriend & Soft

Breaking More Waves picked up on this one, and their thoughts on it are much more insightful than anything I'd manage so link it open there in another tab and have a read. Good eh? Cannot fault this band, it's fun, snappy and nice to listen to. What's not to love!
They're called Alphabet Backwards, their E.P is called The White Russian and they're from Oxford.

Elton John by alphabet backwards

Bratty accents, crunchy riffs, spazz out drumming. Fever Fever are the band, and I've been reading about them on Sonic Masala (great blog if you like your music loud and gritty). Fever Fever are Norwich, they're just back from SXSW and have been garnering much well deserved publicity since. Get this track free on their bandcamp.

And have a listen to an older track and check out their Soundcloud.

Fever Fever - Monster by FEVER FEVER

Currently falling in love with Little Scream. Montreal based singer, with floaty folk melodies and strong, clear vocals. I get a warm, cosy feeling listening to this. Her album, The Golden Record was produced by Richard Reed Perry from Arcade Fire and features guests from Belle Orchestre, Arcade Fire, Stars, Silver Mt. Zion and The National. It's out now on Secretly Canadian, check it out.

Little Scream 'The Heron and the Fox' by Fred Hystere

"Cannons" by Little Scream by DOJAGSC

Chillaxed electro from Irish producer Trophy Boyfriend. It's got a rich synth, 80's pop feel about it, not unlike Cut Copy or Tiga. Get more on facebook and bandcamp. The single was co-produced by Misk of Arveene and Misk fame and the single features a remix by the excellent Casanova Wave.

Feels Like Autumn by Trophy Boyfriend

Finally, a band called Soft. Big love to un-googl'able bands! I have a feeling Soft will be a part of my future, and may drag with them albums by Weezer, Death Cab for Cutie and Ash that I haven't listened to in a bit. Their album is called Dogs and it's a delightful listen.

Soft - Bleary Eyes by SoftBand

Soft - Fall Into Sand by SoftBand

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