Sunday, May 22, 2011

Viva Irelande

Irish music lovers. I need a hand with something. One morning a while back I started compiling a list of important people, news outlets, venues, labels etc. in the Irish music scene. The list started growing and all of a sudden I couldn't stop, it had to be complete (though I knew it never would be). So obviously I can't know everything that goes on. New labels start up each week, basement clubs start booking great talents and festivals are falling out of the sky and into muddy fields all over the place.

I'm doing this cos the quality of music coming out in Ireland at the moment is spectacular. If there's anything I can do to promote that to a bigger audience I will. I'm working on putting an Irish music podcast/radio show together. I don't want to miss a thing.

So here's the list. Please mail me, comment below, hit me up on twitter and please send this around, I want everything in here. And if this would be useful to your website, blog etc. mail me and I'll send on the html for all the links (but please leave a little credit in there somewhere, we all has egos!)

(I will point out that I am the UK booker for Bluestack Records in Dublin. I'm pointing this out as I don't want anyone thinking that this is a massive glorified effort to promote them. I promise to be completely impartial. It's just a list, nothing more, nothing less. If I promote their acts it's cos I like them, I wouldn't be working voluntarily for them otherwise.)

Finally, I'm based in London, so if I can help you with anything in London in any way please mail. As I said I'm booking for Bluestack so as such they get priority but I've been in contact with some excellent venues so with regard to advice and passing on contacts I'd be more than happy to help ...not to mention drag a few kids along to your shows. Two friends and I went to see Adebisi Shank in The Old Blue Last, a cracking club in the East end two weeks ago. 400 odd inside, packed to the rafters. Heartwarming. Would love to see that happen for a whole load more Irish acts. You can reach me at or gimme a call on 00447597713394 (after 7, I work in a warehouse with no phones rules!).

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  1. Great list Josh. As for helping you out - I rely on you for all of my Irish music scene news, so I don't think I'll be of great use. I will promote the quest as much as I can though. How about that?!