Monday, May 30, 2011

new: Deadboy, The Horrors, Chad Van Gaalen

Laid low in blogsville last week. DJing and work took precendence over blogging and sleep. That will be reversed this week. Here's what I missed (...and you missed if this is the only blog you read!)

via. Real Horrorshow Tunes for this one, it's a simple house tune, sampling Woods by Bon Iver. Deadboy is the producer and you can have a taste of his E.P entitled Here, here!

Deadboy - Down On My Mind (Stream) by Numbers

Deadboy - HERE (Preview) by Numbers

Well the Horrors keep getting better and better! Their last album was a massive shock in that it was actually good. I was far from taken with their cartoon drainpipe goth days, but when I heard Sea Within A Sea my distaste was dispelled and I became a fan. Now they've announced that they will release a third album, Skying, on June 11th and going on this, their first taste from it I cannot wait. It's a lumbering 80's synth and drums epic, beautifully atmospheric with an uplifting and satisfying chorus, if that makes any sense. I think it's super, so does Barry Gruff whose blog I grabbed it off. Et tu?

The Horrors - Still Life by 1FTP

Every so often I hear an act that I know will be a project. I know I've caught them mid career and to understand them completely I will spend much of my future weeks and months digging through a back catalogue. These are the acts that stay with me, that I'll fork out more than a tenner to see live, that I'll bore the shit out of people talking about at parties, that I'll get indignant about bad reviews over. This is the first time I've ever heard Chad Van Gaalen. Diaper Island is out now on Sub Pop. Props to Jamie at Kissing Cousins for the heads up on this.

Chad VanGaalen - Sara by subpop

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