Monday, January 10, 2011

N-E-W: Sic Alps, Monotonix & British Sea Power

Here's some recently released jolly good music.

Sic Alps are set to release Napa Asylum on January 25th on Drag City. This track is messy as hell it should be.

Sic Alps - Do you Want To Give $$

On the same day, on the same label, most ludicrous live band in the world, Monotonix will be releasing Not Yet. Expect a filth blues roll in the hay from guys that look like the other members of the prog band your dad was in in the 70's.

Monotonix - Before I Pass Away

I get the feeling British Sea Power are heading for dizzying heights of the big sounding epic rock stratosphere. Not where U2 live. More up with Elbow and Arcade Fire. My initial listen to Valhalla Dancehall (supposedly out today) has put me in a magical mood.

British Sea Power - Who's In Control

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