Friday, February 12, 2010

New Moooosic

Have you ever found that while listening to the hip new band you realise that if you strip it down or change a few bits around it'll sound just like a band that ain't so hip? I played Surfer Blood's Swim for a friend last week and he said if you cleaned it up, gave it shit lyrics and over produced the shit out of it it'd be a KISS song. Funny take on it, not to take away from any of the music, I just think you can make music that's essentially similar sound different with a few tweaks. Not really sure what I'm on about, just up and awake, I was one mess of a DJ last night, thanks to everyone who came out and sorry to Keith who had to put up with me, I got listenership figures for the radio show and I'm way up so I, eh, celebrated big style last night.

Dum Dum Girls are a filthy Lo-Fi mess from L.A, actually it's just one girl called Dee Dee, who after she'd played one show (with members of Crystal Stilts, Crocodiles and Blank Dogs) was signed to Sub Pop last summer. I've been playing Jail La La for a while on the radio and I'm not getting sick of it, which is a great sign!

Dum Dum Girls - Put A Sock In It Alt Link

My wee rant at the start of this post was because of this song. It starts of with a guitar solo straight out of some long dead country rock song from the 80's, with messy drums splashing behind it. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I think it's cool that bands are making simple songs, this one is an absolute gem. It kinda conjures up memories of sitting out on my roof smoking cigarettes after everyone had gone to bed for some reason, maybe it's just one of those songs that comes with extra nostagia, applicable to any situation, I don't know. But it's wonderful and will be out Feb. 23rd on Stuck On Nothing, which is on DFA Records. All good then, shite-ing on aside, just enjoy the tune, buy the album and make up your own rambling spiel about it. I reckon it'll be my spring time album.

Free Energy - Dark Trance Alt Link

And again, a band that seem to be melding Thin Lizzy with Blink 182. And yet again, that's not a bad thing, firstly in that Thin Lizzy are one of the finest rock bands of all time and were a massive part of my adolescense, while Blink are definitely the ultimate guilty pleasure! But also that they take guitar clashes, frantic precision drumming and meld em into lovely vocal harmonies, cracking melodies and a great fun atmosphere. Kind of like a party choir! Their self entitled album is out on Sargent House on Deb 23rd. Check out their myspace, they've some great t-shirts on there, I'm gonna get a credit card come pay day and buy one, boo yeah!

Fang Island - Daisy INSET NAME HERE

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