Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

Quick one for the evening as I've decided that tonight, I'm going out. That's all.

So the other evening I downloaded an album by Cast Of Cheers, an Irish band that have come out of flipping nowhere, but I forgot to fucking play it on the radio show! Ah well, here it is now, I'll play a few tunes on Sunday night. Tight, fast, loud and technical is what they are, and a delight to listen to!

The album is free to download here

...with a physical release coming in April

Cast Of Cheers - Tigerfox Alt

I have been rockin some serious excitement since my pre-Christmas love affair with Boy Lilikoi, the first new single from Jonsi, frontman with Sigur Ros, who are now on hiatus, about hearing more stuff. Not quite as buzzed about the album after hearing a few more songs but have a listen here and see what you think!

Jonsi - Go Do Alt

I've been following Villagers since the December hype around the band in 2008. The musical project of Conor J. O Brien have toured about, released a beautiful E.P, been signed to Domino records, with an album on the way and are heading to SXSW in March. I have a session from Conor from a long while back that I'll post soon along with other sessions (from the lek of Messiah J And The Expert and Alabama Three) shortly.

Villagers - 27 Strangers Alt

Finally, it's sad to hear that Richter Collective band Marvin's Revolt have called it a day. After ten years together they've split up. Very nice guys the one time I met them, and great live, go n'eirigh an bother leo and all that jazz.

Marvins Revolt - Organise Your Arms Alt

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  1. Looking forward to hearing the villagers' sessions, they're great, they always kill me live.