Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dinousaur Jr AND Built To Spill!!

Galway is great. Small place, far away from Dublin, much smaller than Cork, some of the best gigs going on anywhere! I'd recommend living here for a little while, apart from the weather it's fun, some fun clubnights, you can walk everywhere and you can get free bowling when you buy a pint on Mondays and Tuesdays! For a small lazy college town, the level and calibre of bands that pass through here is pretty sweet! (Bon Iver, The XX, Fuck Buttons, Modest Mouse and stuff like that).

So the latest, with thanks to the good folks at the Roisin Dubh is Dinosaur Jr. and Built To Spill on the same lineup!

May 10th is the date, Black Box is the venue and tickets are €30 from

Dinosaur Jr - Over It Alt

Built To Spill - Car Alt


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