Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Full Irish

Quick few recent or upcoming Irish releases. There's a really healthy feeling about the Irish scene at the moment, and if we can count the North in that too we're talking a wholesome jamboree of wonderful music.

A few weeks back I heard that one of the country's finest bands The Redneck Manifesto have signed to possibly Ireland's finest label, home to Adebisi Shank, Bats and Not Squares, Richter Collective Richter Collective

Well their first single came along today, the album Friendship, will be out March 26th

The Redneck Manifesto - Black Apple Alt

I got this album in the post today, I'm still making my way through it but am looking forward to seeing them live. The band are called The Butterfly Explosion, they sound a little like God Is An Astronaut, but only a bit, sure ahve a listen anyway and if you like it then go buy their album, Lost Trails, when it comes out on March 1st.

The Butterfly Explosion - Crash...See You On The Other Side Alt

Finally, the best new band I've heard in a bit, and I know I posted about them a few days ago, but for anyone who missed it, here's a tune for listening to an if indeed you want to have a listen to more than just this then download the whole lot

The Cast Of Cheers - Tip The Can Alt

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