Friday, March 19, 2010

Gugai at SXSW day 2!!!

Gugai, booker for Galway's wonderful Roisin Dubh venue is in Austin Texas for SXSW. He texted the other day to tell me that Freelance Whales were awesome. I texted back to see if he'd write a few lines for the blog. And he's gone and written and fucking essay. Thanks dude, making me look kinda professional!

...Well, I have to admit defeat - I've had to switch back from flim floms to cons as my feet are fucking killing me. I'll try again tomorrow. I've seen a ridiculous amount of stuff.I don't think there's any way I could properly put it into chronological order, and, being a positive sort of fellow, I'll leave out the bits I
thought were muck...

The Rural Alberta Advantage are not new on the scene but having seen them live for the first time, in the Emo Annex, I was very impressed and have resolved to pay more attention to them. I don't know about Holy Rolling Empire, not to be confused with the Irish Holy Roman Empire. It was promising but not inspiring.

I wandered into a yard where Javelin were playing. I'd been trying to catch them and it was only after I noticed my weary feet bopping and asked who was playing that I found out it was them. Great stuff.

(i'm not at my most eloquent - it's 6am and I've been up since 9)

I went to see a few bands whose records I love but have never seen live, and, in fairness, there I was expecting a LOT. Here We Go Magic did not disappoint; in fact, I enjoyed their live show far more than I
expected to. All the beautiful aspects of the album were more than realised
on stage, and, when I went to see them the second time, they were even better. I couldn't recommend them strongly enough.
I also went to see Warpaint twice. Why? Because they're fucking awesome,
that's why. I was really nervous about seeing The Middle East, because I love their record so much, and it was a REALLY industry heavy audience, but they more than surpassed all my expectations and I think that they'll be one of the highlights of the whole festival. Like our Connor!!! Villagers Connor, He was incredible in Friends on Wednesday night - solo show, had everyone in the palm of his hand. Beautiful.

If The Morning Benders are this years' Grizzly Bear, and The Middle East are Fleet Foxes, then there's a fair chance that Peter Wolf Crier is 2010's Bon Iver. Just saying. I also FINALLY saw Fanfarlo live. Yup. That was fucking great. Once again,
better than I hoped for, and I had hoped for a lot. Also, the new stuff from The Kissaway Trail is savage.

Dan Black, Bear Hands and Fitz & The Tantrums all played stormers up at Beauty Bar Annex. And Efterkalng!!! So much other stuff.

So tired.

Back up in 4 hours.


Austin out

Before I forget --

I had only heard two songs by The Bewitched Hands On Top Of Our Heads, was very impressed, and was really looking forward to seeing them. It turns out, they're fucking amazing live. I'd describe it, but, well, I'm tired

Also - two years ago at SXSW, after running into the Frightened Rabbit boys randomly on the street, we arranged to meet for frozen strawberry margheritas in the princess bar. For many reasons, we never managed to get there at the same time, but we always brought it up every time we've met since. So anyway, after Midlake, I was strolling down 6th St, and went to pop in to get a frozen strawberry margherita, and who was there smoking at the door of the princess? Only Billy Frightened Rabbit. Oh, how
we laughed. Also, their new stuff is fucking awesome.


Here We Go Magic - Collector Alt

Javelin - Lindsey Brohan Alt

Villagers - Meaning Of The Ritual Alt

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