Monday, March 22, 2010


Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday
Sub Pop: Out Now
Had a proper few listens to this today. After hearing two songs from it I was rather excited. It's pretty good, but there's so much like it at the moment that it doesn't shine quite enough which is a pity. I like this tune a lot though.

Happy Birthday - Zit Alt

Jonny, bassist with So Cow, mailed me a few weeks back about these guys, I myspace'd em to send on some mp3's, but myspace being the steaming pile of shite that it is I never checked it til today and they'd sent me a link to some tunes. Really good band, and coming recommended from Jonny is great, he runs Stress!! in Galway when he's not on tour and puts on amazing gigs and generally has great taste, he plays with So Cow ffs!

White Wires - Ha Ha Holiday Alt

Someone called Le Chev mailed. Le Chev plays bass with Fischerspooner and this is his new project Avan Lava. I explained that I'd read an interview with Fischerspooner in Thrasher magazine when I was about 14 and probably deemed them a bit gay at the time cos back then, if they weren't Slayer, they weren't worth the steam off my piss! This is pretty good though!

Avan Lava - Lemons Alt

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