Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day.

Happy St. Paddy's day! This will be a rather quick post, as today, so far has involved hosting a breakfast show, followed swiftly by a fair few beers, as today, we Irish celebrate the patron saint of binge drinking, St. Patrick. As far as I know, Patrick was Welsh, kidnapped as a teenager by Viking hoarder/pillager types and sent to mind sheep in the mountains. It would seem the boredom threw him headlong into a mission to bring religion to the Irish. So, eh, thanks Pat. Few brews then I suppose.

But I must run as I'm DJing for the evening, a wonderfully drunken sloppy set, with Fiesta by The Pogues every two or three songs.

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak Alt

So wherever you are in the world, celebrate the Irish culture by indulging in our favourite stereotypical pastime. i.e going on the absolute lash. Whoop, there indeed it is!

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  1. ...just awake, that second bottle of Buckfast was a bad idea! Great Paddy's day!