Friday, March 26, 2010


All of you who came down to Substance last night are fucking heroes. It was insaaaaaaaane!! Crowd surfing, strobe madness, drunken lunacy, classic dance hits and emotional moments. I'll be honest, I came close to tears as Underworld's Born Slippy turned into LCD Soundsystem's All My Friends, fucking awesome night, and a great run of a few months upstairs at Kellys, but we will be back!

p.s, any club owners/bookers out there want us to call over for gig, gimme a shout (shameless!)

Before all that madness I caught Wild Beasts, with support from Villagers. 'mazing. I'll have a full review up tomorrow. Fairly epic evening!

So to some newbies, arrived into work today, hanging-the-fuck-over to some songs I hadn't heard before.

New one from LCD Soundsystem, who've just been announced for Electric Picnic. This one was streaming on Pitchfork, got an mp3 of it, quality is ok, I'll re-post it when I get a copy of it in better quality, and of course do go out and spend your money on it when it arrives in shops, if, of course you like it. The album has been completed, it will be in shops May 14th, as of yet it's untitled and on top of their Picnic appearance they're to do two dates in Dublin, April 20th & 21st.

p.s, they're streaming another new track here ...Talking Heads much?! Fuck me, it's the Bell X1 hoo-ha all over again.

LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls Alt

Got the new Booka Shade single in the post this morning. Another act set to be at the Picnic! I caught the duo live at the Picnic 2008, they were pretty flipping good! So, eh, yes, More! their fourth album is due out in May. Have a listen, see what you think, deep, housey, a good early in the night tune, DJ's take notice!

Booka Shade - Bad Love Alt

Finally, The Tallest Man On Earth. King Of Spain is already up there amoung my favourite songs I've heard this year, and joining it, is the incredibly Dylan-esque but that doesn't detract from it at all, it's just a lovely song! The Wild Hunt is out April 13th.

The Tallest Man On Earth - Burden Of Tomorrow Alt

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