Sunday, March 28, 2010

So Cow, still going!

Three fun songs.

King Khan & BBQ Show - God Of Raisins Alt

The Drums - Saddest Summer Alt

So Cow - I Wanna Go To The Sugar Factory Alt

This tune comes from an 8 track release So Cow brought out when he was bored last summer. He performed it once, at a gig in Tuam, Co. Galway with myself, and Conor and Jamie from The Ralphs on fake instruments! He's on a long tour around the U.S and Canada, he sent me a mail today, he's getting tired but still loving it. Here are the remaining dates. If you're near any of the venues go check them out!

27 Mar 2010: 20:00 529 w/ Sisters: Atlanta, North Carolina
28 Mar 2010: 21:00 Farm 255: Athens, Georgia
28 Mar 2010: 23:30 Nasty World: Athens, Georgia
29 Mar 2010: 20:00 Tipsy Teapot: Greenville, North Carolina
30 Mar 2010: 20:00 Snug Harbor w/ SISTERS: Charlotte, North Carolina
31 Mar 2010: 20:00 Layabout House @ 2702 Lawndale w/ SISTERS: Durham, North Carolina
1 Apr 2010: 20:00 Black Cat w/ SMITH WESTERNS: Washington, Washington DC
2 Apr 2010: 20:00 Ruintown: Baltimore, Maryland
3 Apr 2010: 20:00 Terrace Club w/ Garotas Suecas: Princeton, New Jersey
4 Apr 2010: 20:00 Mercury Lounge w/ Smith Westerns: New York, New York
7 Apr 2010: 20:00 Death By Audio w/ BABIES: Brooklyn, undefined
18 Apr 2010: 20:00 Sonic City Festival curated by DEERHOOF: Kortrijk, Belgium, Brussels-capital
24 Apr 2010: 20:00 Sex Is Disgusting (w/ MAZES): Brighton, South
25 Apr 2010: 20:00 Home Under Ground (w/ MAZES): London, London and South East
26 Apr 2010: 20:00TBC (w/ MAZES) TBC
27 Apr 2010: 20:00 Stag’s Head (w/ MAZES) London, London and South East
28 Apr 2010: 20:00 Now Wave (w/ MAZES): Manchester, Northwest
29 Apr 2010: 20:00 Weirdo Guise (w/ MAZES): Leeds
30 Apr 2010: 20:00 Three Cheers (w/ MAZES): Nottingham


  1. I was just listening to that Tuam album today, it's class! 'Do you remember DH Burkes?', a soothing love song classic. The start of 'Two Cathedrals' is just head crushingly epic too! Fantastic lyrics in 'T.U.A.M', 'ATM queues...Dynamo Blues..'. I could go on and on.. :)

  2. any chance of a copy of this then ??