Thursday, March 11, 2010

Local Natives gig review, by Michelle O Grady!

Local Natives,The Academy,March 10th.

These indie rock LA natives gave a flawless performance downstairs in the Academy last night. They said they felt like they were playing in someone's basement and I think most the audience concurred.

The first half of the gig was not overwhelming but they built it up in to a crescendo with the crowd pleasing 'Airplanes'.

Maybe I am being particular here but it was almost like their sound was too perfect so was relieved when they began to let loose on stage. They engaged with the crowd which is so important in my humble opinion and even threw in the token 'We have been sampling your pints in Ireland' comment.

I cant write about the gig without an honorable mention of their AMAZING support,Peggy Sue. It was one of those cases where you did not want the support to end. This London/Brighton based trio (formerly known as Peggy Sue And The Pirates) sang songs of love and loss but through the medium of incredible harmonies, percussion and an accordion, but of course! Lord knows, nothing spells out heartache better than an accordion and a glockenspiel I always say!

Peggy Sue - Hatstand Blues Alt

Overall, I think the intimacy of the venue did not represent the magnitude of the talent last night. These guys are set to be and already are a big feature on the 2010 music calender.

Local Natives - Airplanes Alt

...The Shellzo

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