Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flirt fm, summer playlist

Ireland doesn't have the culture of college radio that the U.S have, or many other places for that matter. There are a handful, mostly operating during certain weeks of the year, or at most, for a few hours a day during term time. But Galway's Flirt fm run pretty much all year round, often from 8 a.m til 4 a.m with a huge amount of live content.

It works through the huge amount of work Paula and Louise (manager and assistant manager) put in, the enthusiasm of young volunteers and the dedication of some of Galway's finest D.J's, putting shows together week in, week out, for nothing more than the satisfaction of presenting good music and making good radio.

If you're in the Galway area (they stretch as far North as Tuam sometimes) tune in on 101.3 fm or online here.

Each month, Paula makes a playlist. You can check back on the past few years here, and you'll notice, she's damn clued in! So here's this summers Flirt fm playlist, then follow the link for the station, pop it somewhere on your taskbar thingy and have a listen every now and again. And here's the schedule, I'd recommend Paul Hannon's Happy Hour, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 til 8 or for some deep housey goodness, P Disconaut and Ruari on Thursdays at 9. But you're always sure to find some interesting music. Or a discussion about library opening hours As Gaelige. Radio roulette anyone?

Here's a zip to the playlist: ZZZZZZZZZIP!

1 / Toro y Moi / Leave Everywhere
2 / Suckers / A Mind I Knew
3 / Best Coast / The Way Boys Are
4 / The National / Afraid Of Everyone
5 / Rogue Wave / Lake Michigan
6 / Squarehead / Fake Blood
7 / Ra Ra Riot / Boy
8 / The Suzan / Home
9 / Fang Island / Illinois
10 / Adebisi Shank / International Dreambeat
11 / Blood Red Shoes / Don't Ask
12 / Jamaica / Short And Entertaining
13 / The Knocks / Blackout
14 / The Rogue Element / Mistakes
15 / Maximum Balloon / Tiger
16 / Fol Chen / The Holograms (Teen Daze Remix)
17 / Magnetic Man / I Need Air
18 / School of Seven Bells / Babelonia
19 / Gold Panda / You

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