Thursday, September 30, 2010

Strange Brew is ancient at this stage!

A big congratulations to gugai and all involved in Strange Brew in reaching 400 nights of celebrating up and coming bands, making CD's for everybody, silly dancing and the best of indie music.

8 years of supporting Irish and international talent should be celebrated with one hell of a night, which is exactly what is on offer this evening from 8 for FREE in Roisin Dubh in Galway's west end. If it's humanly possible, make it down and have yourself a damn good time.

Getting involved are:

...the bloody spectacular Not Squares

...Galway's finest, wierdest and bestest live Lost Chord!

...a first listen for me, and am well impressed by ... Theme Tune Boy!

...moving along to "oh my god they're about to finally release something and I can't bleeding wait" it's love of my life both personally and musically from the hills of Donegal and the slums of Tuam ...


We Should Be Dead in there too...

...and, The Ralphs! They've just released their debut E.P, I'll tell ye, tis sounding well, and you can hear and download the whole lot here

Daithi O Dronaigh is in too, fresh from his final place finish on Sky 1's Must Be The Music (which I went to and had a great time at, thanks for the tickets Daithi). Here's a link to a post I did about him a while back after he supported Girls, with some downloadable mp3's. Talented dude!

(still going) ...then we've Jogging! With a debut album under their belts on the unstoppable Richter Collective label and a fair few gigs in the Roisin, they're back again to rip holes in everyone's eardrums! You can listen to their debut album here, the whopper that it is.

And finally, another Galway band, The Depravations! I only managed to catch these guys live once, in The Cellar, and I was well impressed. Well constructed songs, an ability to rock out, as they say, and a great live show. Have a listen on myspace.

Not a night for a pizza and a cuddle on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy then is it?

Fair play Strange Brew, here's to another 400!

(just make sure you pester the DJ for "something everyone knows off the radio", he'd love that)

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