Sunday, September 26, 2010

N-E-W: The Casanova Wave

It's a Sunday evening and I'll be honest, I feel a little empty since finishing my Sunday evening radio show. But new music is still new music, I still love it and the blog is still go.

There is some absolute magic out and about at the moment. I've gotten my hands on new Mark Ronson, Deerhunter, The Walkmen and (oh I'm soooo excited) White Denim ...and a few more, so tomorrow is listening to music and blogging day.

For the moment though I have a wonderful Irish act I came across the other day called The Casanova Wave. The guy behind CW is a guy called Brian from Waterford, and he's just released a mini album which you can stream here, and if you like it pay €5 for. It's described in the e-mail I got as warm electronica. I can't mess with that, it's bang on the money. All I can say is it's lovely music. Imagine what Four Tet would make after waking up in a house on a hill on a tropical Island and opening the curtains. Does that make any sense? Well Brian has been kind enough to give PGTR readers a free mp3. If you like it have an aural gander at the rest of his stuff and buy his mini album on bandcamp.

The Casanova Wave - Kimota! Alt

You'll find him gigging about Waterford for the moment but can imagine further afield shall be beckoning quick lively!

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