Friday, September 24, 2010

The Ticket's top 50 British acts right now

Jim Carroll and Lauren Murphy have compiled their top 50 British acts at the moment. Have a read and call back for my rambling analysis!


Each to their own of course, but I'm not so sure about the deservedness of M.I.A given how bad her last album was. Laura Marling comes in at number 1, I can't massively fault her but I certainly wouldn't agree with her being the top dog in British music right now.

Lauren makes an excellent point about people expecting Arctic Monkeys to continue their "cheeky chappy" persona, and while I agree that they couldn't maintain that craic, Alex Turner's lyrical excellence really doesn't excuse two frankly weak albums, compared to the raw energy of the first anyway.

Their oldie inclusions are pretty spot on, Weller, Massive Attack and Prodigy but on the newer acts included, Everything Everything, Hurts and These New Puritans go way over my head. Too much taken from golden 80's pop maybe? Floating Points and Mount Kimbie aren't hugely my bag but I can't argue that they're bringing a new and exciting sound to the table.

Gorillaz, Belle & Sebastian and Mark Ronson? Yes, yes and yes. Overall the list is damn good, and you're never going to please everyone but I felt like having a rant about it. I'd suggest Civil Civic, Robert Plant, Bombay Bicycle Club (their second album a marked improvement), Yuck and Amy Winehouse as a few off the top of my head. If you've any to suggest go to the article and leave a comment, and while you're at it if you haven't already, add Jim's blog to your bookmarks, the word on music in Ireland at the end of the day.

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