Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Wire, indeed N-E-W: Antony & The Johnsons and Megafaun

Internet is up and running tomorrow in my new London home so blogging will be back in all regularity. In saying that The Wire has taken over my life. I know I'm late to the party but I'm catching up. Three seasons in a week. Good going on my part no?!

Here's the theme tune. Each season uses a different cover of this song. This one is used in Season 2.

Tom Waits - Way Down In The Hole Alt

As regards new music I haven't been as on the ball so I've just been listening to the bigger acts with new stuff out. Tomorrow I'm back to digital crate digging! Speaking of crate digging I've found a local record store that seems to be called RECORDS. It's an absolute mess inside but I've made friends with Aidan the owner so I reckon I'll be sorting through it over the next few months, there appear to be many gems in there.

Megafaun have a new mini-LP called Hereforto. Stepping aside a minute I've got to say that while I've liked a couple of songs, the "Chillwave" movement of recent times has had me aching for music with clear beats and solidly picked notes and chords. Chillwave is fine but I get a little lost with it to be honest. This track has airy vocals and a mountain stream movement to it but is solid enough for me to enjoy. But that's just me. Solid track from a solid band with enough blips and twists to make it interesting!

Megafaun - Thereforeto Alt

Antony & The Johnsons, one of this musical time's most talented, haunting vocalists is set to release Swanlights on October 5th. It wasn't until I fell for Hercules And Love Affair that I payed deserved attention to Mr. Hegarty. This song is nice and lighthearted, a great introduction to what the new album might sound like. Sure have a listen and see what you think.

Antony & The Johnsons - I'm In Love Alt

UPDATE: In the meantime someone on facebook has kinda ruined what happens at the end of Season 5. Gutted. Ah well.

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