Thursday, September 23, 2010

N-E-W: The Ralphs debut E.P

What do the Beach Boys, Clannad, Jackson 5 and The Ralphs have in common?

They're all excellent family bands!

The Ralphs have been together (as a band) for about two years, starting out by beefing up a few songs Jamie (singer) had written as Pogo Jamie. Two brothers, a cousin and a best buddy, they write solid indie pop songs, with clever lyrics, biting guitar and tasty basslines.

They've just released their debut E.P, 21st Century Window for free on bandcamp. Here are two to listen to now. Then follow THIS link and listen to and download the rest of it. Put it on your iPod and listen to everyday tales of fun in a rainy town.

<a href="">Somniphobia by The Ralphs</a>


<a href="">W.I.P by The Ralphs</a>


Fun fact, Brian Kelly (aka So Cow, check him out) has written a tribute E.P to Brian Ruane, The Ralphs bassist, as The Ruanes, cos he felt sorry for him being in a family band and not being in the fmaily or something like that.

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