Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ah now Mark E. ...there's no need for that

...the best song I've heard all year and a wee rant.

This blog is rarely one for indie scraps or celeb stories but this one deserves a mention. The revered Mark E. Smith threw a bottle at Mumford And Sons while they were sound checking and badmouthed them. Pitchfork have the full story. I'm sorry, but after a few beers I can't help but want to stick up for the lads. They get a lot of grief online, and though I did giggle at a "Sawdoctors for the middle class" comment I saw somewhere, I can't say it's all that warranted. Go ahead and ignore them, but if Laura Marling had had a single with Little Lion Man's popularity I can't imagine The Ticket would have named her top UK band/artist, nor would NME have named her top of their "Cool List". Don't call them an abomination to music. They're not. Nickleback are.

While I admit The Fall are great, I'm not sure if Mark E. Smith would be allowed these kind of Johnny Lydon-esque shenanigans if he wasn't the golden boy of St. John Peel. Either way elder rock stars of respect should be above this petty nonsense. I'm sure there people who are fans of both The Fall and Mumford & Sons. Personally, if Bruce Springsteen threw a bottle at Warpaint I'd be gutted. If Leonard Cohen talked smack about White Denim my reverence for him would dip considerably. And if Tom Waits lambasted Villagers? Well I'd be straight up unimpressed.

Whatever about Oasis slagging Blur, there's a point in age and adoration where it becomes silly and pointless to give less than complimentary opinions about other musicians, unless it's hilarious and ridiculous. Maybe it's one of the few downsides to being a wealthy and revered part of music history.

Thanks for allowing me rant. And now for something completely different.

I've been meaning to post this song for ages. I got to play it twice live, pure rush. Such energy, such a frigging anthem. I got to see it played live too. 'mazing. More Not Squares! ...but if Bowie has a go at Not Squares ...!

Not Squares - Release The Bees Alt

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