Sunday, October 10, 2010

R.I.P Solomon Burke & N-E-W: Felix & Volcano and unreleased Stereolab!

Firstly, Solomon Burke RIP. After reading High Fidelity, I had a listen to some of his stuff. Damn good so it is. Others will eulogise more poignantly, and with facts at least. All I got is this song always goes down a storm on the dancefloor. Nice one for the tunes Mr. Burke.

Solomon Burke - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Alt

As I (and many a blogger before more) have said already, my e-mail inbox is generally crammed full of chancers addressing me as "dear blogger/media reprasentative", extolling the virtues of their Lady Gaga Vs. Oasis ELEKKKKKKTRO Mashup or acoustic Sex On Fire cover with a link to a Bebo page.

Well good music in the inbox can brighten up my day no end and I've gotten a fair bit recently. Sam from Felix & Volcano mailed the other day. Their sound confused me. I think it might be because it reminded me of a band I listened to briefly as a teenager called Atom & His Package. A&HP are fun but you know that friend you can only hack when your in a good mood? The friend that will make you want to throw him/her from a tall tall building if your in a "who pissed in your Corn Flakes" kinda mood. They Might Be Giants and Dead Milkmen do the same thing to me. Certain silly moods only.

In short I can be a cracky boy. But I needn't ignore a band according to my potential crankiness. Felix And Volcano, onward!

That's only one part of it though, they also remind me of bits of Flaming Lips and LCD Soundsystem which more than make up for the off day annoyances.

You can stream their 5 track E.P here and pay what you like for it depending on how much you like it and financial ability!

Felix And Volcano! - Boku-Maru Alt

Finally, new track from Stereolab. They announced last year that they're taking a break. They will however be bringing out a collection of unreleased material entitled Not Music on November 16th. Here's a track from it.

Stereolab - Sun Demon Alt

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