Friday, October 29, 2010

N-E-W: Nobunny (...and old Nobunny, The Nerves and So Cow covering The Nerves)

It's a Lo-fi party here today. New tracks from Nobunny and an old one I heard yesterday that I've fallen in love with. And So Cow covering The Nerves, who'd I'd never heard either for a tribute album to them. They wrote Hanging On The Telephone too it turns out. News to me. So I listened to more of their songs and found musical love.

Nobunny is a rabbit masked filth pop machine. He has released First Blood, a new LP, his first on Goner Records, home to Magic Kids, Ty Segall, Box Elders and loads more.

Here are two tracks from it:

Nobunny - Blow Dumb Alt

Nobunny - Do The Fuck Yourself Alt

And here's another I heard for the first time last night. You're either gonna love it or hate it. The way music should be.

Nobunny - Hippy Witch Alt

It was Brian Kelly aka So Cow who introduced me to Nobunny as he's toured with him, played with him and is a big fan of his. Brian is on yet another big long US tour, with three more dates left, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Chicago, then back to Ireland for Guinness and an Irish tour. Details here. Anyway, he's recorded a track for a tribute album the The Nerves on Volar Records. (Volar, sort your website out, it's a mess!)

So Cow - Working Too Hard Alt

Anyway, I'd never heard The Nerves before so last night I went on a little youtube trek through their back catalogue, or whatever popped up and I fell in love. On my next trip into London town I'll be on the search for their one E.P that they released in 1976 before breaking up ...though I'm not sure how fruitful I'll be as I reckon it's pretty rare. But the few tracks there are are wonderful pop songs. Wonderfully catchy, well written simple pop songs with great vocals, interesting bits and pieces and ...dammit I'm not cut out for this descriptive junk, just listen and enjoy for yourself! (If you'd like to add a descriptive word or two in the comment box be my guest)

So here's the original of the tune So Cow recorded, as well as the original of Hanging On The Telephone, which I always thought was a Blondie original, and one more.

The Nerves - Working Too Hard Alt

The Nerves - Hanging On The Telephone Alt

The Nerves - When You Find Out Alt

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