Tuesday, October 5, 2010

N-E-W: Marnie Stern, The Limiñanas & Magic Magic ...and some chillwave band name fun!

Before I haul myself off to work for the evening I've a few new tunes to share. First off we're hopping over France way...

It seems like every week I hear a new girl fronted band that are brilliant. I hope it doesn't become a "thing" like female soul sounding singers from a few years back, but it's just nice to hear.

The Limiñanas are a French dirty garage 60's pop sounding group. Someone else said it quite well ...’If the Velvet Underground had written songs with Serge Gainsbourg, it’d probably have sounded something like this trio from Perpignan.’

Have an aural gander:

The Limiñanas - Je Suis Une Go-Go Girl Alt

Another lady, this time guitar noise superhero Marnie Stern. I've been a fan a while and yet again she fails to disappoint. More gritty grooves, pop metal riffage and girly wailing. Her third album entitled Marnie Stern is out today. Tonight I will be blasting it through the headphones (I live in a terribly un-sound-proofed house. It's a balls).

Marnie Stern - Cinco De Mayo Alt

And then we have Magic Magic. Before we get to the tune, follow this link, it's for a website that gives you a name for your new Chillwave project. Moon Parade and Chrome Bones are my current favourites. I bet a lot of bands were gutted when they realised Angel Witch was already taken as a band name! Magic Magic, another one of those bands with vague chill la-di-da kinda names. But they do have some lovely songs, sleepy epic indie rock! This tune seems to have been out a while but since they're not The Killers or anything I wouldn't worry too much about being a little behind the curve.

Magic Magic - Sleepy Lion Alt

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