Monday, October 18, 2010

Tunes My Mates Like vol. 4

It's time for another edition of Tunes My Mates Like. I've got lots of mates with great taste in music and I'll be honest, I find out as much about bands I've never heard of from late night youtube marathons over a few tins of cheap brew than I do from the radio! S'pose my mates don't have advertisers and listeners to keep happy!

But I couldn't find mp3's for the ones I wanted to post, so youtube vids will have to do!

First of Brian, who's band Go Panda Go are about to release their debut E.P has gone with two not-so-similar tracks. I'd never heard this working class pop punk masterpiece before, nor had I heard of the band.

And then from Octopus Project's 2007 effort Hello, Avalanche a track called Mmaj. I'll be writing about Octopus Projects excellent new album Hexadecagon over the next few days.

Gary gots this one in. I'm not sure if I like it. Sure is soothing. Zzzzzzzzzz ...but in a good way I suppose, just not mad on the guys voice.

Byron dude, this is great! Wierd, but wonderful. If you're in Galway town tonight pop along to the Roisin Dubh, Byron will be playing a set with Eoin Reilly whose birthday it is tonight, so Happy Birthday Fuz! They'll be playing all sorts of 80's New Wave atrocities to music. Wish I was there.

Sarah is in with a song I'd forgotten from the first Foals album. Belter. Would anyone be up for heading to see them in the Flowerpot in Kentish Town, London on New Years Eve? Tiny venue, would be amazing! Tickets here.

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