Monday, May 17, 2010

N-E-W: Faithless album, have a listen to the minimix!

Well well well, this is interesting. Faithless as a band are quite interesting. They wrote some of the biggest dance anthems of all time, and despite knowing that they could make album after album of massive trance-y bangers, radio hits and Ibiza classics, they continue to create whatever the fuck they want. Respect.

Now that's the in general stuff. This album. I've just picked up a copy. I'm about sit down to a listen. It's called The Dance. It's out now. They're playing at Oxegen.

But this morning I had a couple of listens to this ten minute megamix. It's fascinating, so I can't for the proper listen. But for a taster, there's trance, acid house, reggae beats, some classic Faithless chillout, all good it would seem, onward in that case!

Faithless - The Dance Minimix Alt

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