Saturday, May 8, 2010

N-E-W: Chem Bros/Rollerskaters/Exodus

Ok, new stuff.

First off, new Chemical Brothers video. I got this from loudat, I mention this cos the accompanying piece is about how much of a twat his newly elected MP is. He added photos. The guy looks like a complete and utter pillock.

And here's the first single from their forthcoming (June 7th) release Further, it's a ten minute banger!

Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity Alt

First listen to this band today, Rollerskaters. It's the solo track so far from some bedroom recordings a guy called Adam McKee has come out with. He was in a band called Young Friends too, if any of you are familiar with them? Check this tune out anyway and keep an eye for this band, if this guy can write this warm tasty pop gem then who knows, could be your new favourite band?!

Rollerskaters - Sleep Tight Alt

Finally, thrash metal legends Exodus have come up with a whopper of an album. While the metal giants of their time have gotten big and frankly shite and annoying, Exodus look set to blow the metal world out of the water with this banging album. Exhibit B: The Human Condition came out yesterday.

Exodus - Good Riddance Alt

The photo is of footballer David Beckham back when his stylist had him wearing metal shirts for a while. Flipping heck.

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