Monday, May 17, 2010

TDOM: Day 17 - A song you often hear on the radio

A song that you hear on the radio often. Hmmm. Despite being on the radio I listen to it very little. I don't drive, I wake up too late to catch the all important breakfast radio and frankly I rarely hear anything I like on the radio. If I'm pottering about the house I might put on Lauren Laverne, (my friend Michelle has a lady crush on her and made me listen) she plays great tunes and lovely manner on air. I suppose, with working full time in radio for two years it's a bit of a reaction. Of course a bit of Paul McCloone in the evenings and sometimes Phantom FM, but I'm always out in the evenings so I miss out on radio. Of course there is a lot of great Irish radio but I won't be able to appreciate it properly til I settle down a bit.

So here goes, a song I often hear on the radio, that I really like. It was always a pleasure to hear when it came on. Back in the day in iRadio any time a celebration was in order this would be the anthem. Mark, Alan, Louise, Ferg and Shell, I reckon youse were generally responsible.

Hands in the air, up on the tables, epic faces on, good times!!

Then on the other hand, Mark Cunning (along with Alan Swan and Michelle O Grady), can take responsibility for me knowing shite like this!

Awesome though.

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