Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 Songs

So Cow was a few years ahead of me in school in Tuam Co. Galway. It's a great little town with a bit of a reputation about the country. I went home yesterday to visit the folks and had a read of the local paper. Heroin has popped up apparently, and the zombies are out in force stealing pennies from kids, in other news a guy I went to school with is in court for taking a golf club to a guy. I can't imagine it was anything like the Tiger Wood's wife style noble golf club battering situation, more an "I'd rather you weren't conscious anymore" style confrontation.

So Cow has been writing and reahearsing and recording tirelessly for the past few months ahead of his U.S tour which kicks off in New Jersey on February 11th, moving through the country and rolling on down to SXSW in March. He's playing on St. Patricks Day in Austin Texas, if you're there I would highly recommend you go!

At the moment the band are playing each of their home towns before they leave, the drummer (for the life of me can't remember his name) in Dublin on Thursday, Galway, for Jonny the bassist tonight before Gigantic in Kellys (5 bucks in, and I'll be playing in the bar so come say hi after!) and Tuam last night for Brian.

It was a whopper of a gig in the Woolstore, which is effectively a shed behind a bar. Because the electrics were so dodgy the heater had to be turned off so everyone was frozen! Bahfiddle opened, they're a grindcore two piece. Rural Savage up next, a messy, fun punk band from Donegal for whom it was their second gig, and amoung one of the better live shows I've seen in ages. Thirdly, The Ralphs came on, they are from Tuam, 2 brothers, a cousin and their best friend Brian. Jamie, the singer wanders on stage with a bandaged hand, he and Leigh the drummer had gotten into a bit of brotherly argy bargy the night before. In fairness to Jamie, despite the bust hand he horsed through the set and got a great reaction. Finally, So Cow hopped on stage and blew everyone away. It was a pop show of epic proportion!

So Cow - To Do List Alt

Another band that are hitting the SXSW trail in March are Dinosaur Feathers, listening to the myspace now and I really like them. Not much to say really, just well worth checking out!

Dinosaur Feathers - Vendela Vida Alt

And I love She & Him's new tune! It's rather similar to their first album's sound, but hey, if it ain't broke's funny with that band, I wonder would I be half as endeared to them if Zooey Deschanel wasn't in it? I hope I would cos as far as I know I really like them, but jaysus, she's great isn't she! So is M. Ward but I mean, come on! Volumn II is out March 23rd

She & Him - In The Sun Alt

And sure, dyou know what? How about another So Cow tune, remember Galway folks, Kelly's tonight, Doors 9p.m, €5, it's the last time to see Mr. Cow for a while. And for you lot in the U.S of A, check out his myspace for details on where he'll be playing near you!

So Cow - Runaway (Del Shannon Cover) Alt

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