Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost Chord E.P Launch tonight!

I've just been given devastating news. I have to cover the breakfast show on the radio station I work in, because the usual presenter has taken the day off because she's gonna party it up tonight after the same gig I was planning to go to. As it is I'll be DJing until 3a.m, then in work again at 5:30a.m, but I was planning to go partying tonight, gutted, big style, but that's work for you.

Exciting times for anyone about Galway tonight. Lost Chord E.P launch is tonight, so after months of gigging, recording and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans, the lads have a lovely little 6 track E.P in their hands that they can send to some big label, get signed, water down their sound and go hang out with Stereophonics and Travis or something! ...well that's not going to happen but it will be fun to see what happens these promising young dudes, the only thing that we can be sure of is tonight, everyone will have fun, except me, who has to go to be for 2 hours before getting up for work again.

Support is from Funeral Suits who've gained much love in the west of Ireland through gigging with a few of the bands around and generally being solid dudes and a pretty good band, it'll be interesting to see what their new stuff is like. I'm not massively gone on their solo stuff, rather "indie" by numbers, but their live shows are brilliant and have led to support slots to the likes of Passion Pit so I'll certainly give them another chance.

There Is No Lost Chord E.P

Cheats Alt
You Do Not Do Alt
Up North
Records Not Fear
Ronald And Nancy
Cheats (Crimes Against Remix)

It's all going on tonight in Roisin Dubh from 9, free in

Word tells me a few of the kids will be dipping off to Kellys for Substance after, they'd feckin' want to anyway or there'll be shlaps! Partying etc. after as ever and stuff

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