Friday, January 8, 2010

Early January Mix

Galway was pretty quiet last night, bar being asked for "Sex On Fire by The Killers" it was pretty much myself and Keith having a few beers and playing some tunes for anyone who bopped up to the club. That and meeting the biggest arsehole I've ever had the pleasure of being shouted at behind a set of decks. I don't mind people roaring "Lady Gaga" at you, cos the simple answer is "fuck off to CP's" (Galway's cattle mart, think fake tan, alcopops and awful music), but when you get some drunk arsehole who will only settle for obscure electronica and demands, while saying things like "no offense but" and "I don't mean to be condescending" in a snotty accent that he definitely made up, to know what genre's we'll be "covering" over the evening. Dickhead. 5 minutes later he was dragged out kicking and screaming for harrassing some poor girl.

I felt like telling a story. I felt like a good rant to end this baesht (try pronounce that) of a hangover.

Here are a few songs I've been loving recently ...

...starting with a song I completely missed from Proof Of Youth, the second Go! Team album, I only picked up on it from skipping through songs looking for one to play live, it's a beaut and has a cool fan video to go along with it if you find it on youtube, it's called My World.

Years ago I was in the car with my mum, I heard a song that featured the line "Butterfly and Cocoon", it was a little angsty and sounded cool and it stuck in my head! Fast forward through years of it floundering around, asking people and googl'ing the few lyrics I knew to no avail while wondering if I eventually heard it would it live up to the build up, to last night. Few bottles of wine with friends after the clubnight, I'm talking about Irish music with my housemates girlfriend and asked, by any chance did she know what the song was. She did. It was from Bell X 1's first album, Neither Am I. It's called Man On Mir. Happy fucking camper.

I love the drumming montage scene in School Of Rock with Bonzo Goes To Bitburg by The Ramones playing behind it. It's cool. And I know the first few Ramones albums are best, but I have a soft spot for some of the 80's tunes like Somebody Put Something In My Drink

STRESS!! are a Galway crew who promote some great gigs in the town. Recently they ran a Nick Drake tribute night featuring Gareth Dickson, Vashti Bunyan's guitarist and Vertigo Smith, who played one of his own songs, Comfort Me at the end. He explained that he gets bored of instruments rather quickly so currently he's rocking out with a ukulele!

Happy out in music land. Much love, Josh

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