Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm a bit of a shambles. I blame The Boat The Rocked.

Every so often I have a song that I mean to play on the show. Then I forget. And truth be told I'm a little gutted the next day. But I think my shambolic way of organising music allows for a more spontaneous radio show. If I organise things into pretty neat piles then I'll over-analyse the music and go for the safer option. I wonder how many radio presenter's have played the new Knife tune? It's an 11 minute operatic epic. If I had thought about it too much I doubt I would have played it either, but as ever I threw all of the music onto the system as the news was being read and played it as it came up. That being the upside, and funnily enough my figures are pretty healthy for the "all over the shop" nature of the show and the silliness of the stuff that gets played.

But this flipping song has been here for playing for WEEKS! And somehow it aludes me every time. I'm going to put it in next weeks folder now. I guarantee you I'll look at the file next week, think it's something else and fail to put it in the "FINAL" folder. It's not a bet I want to win. Cos it's a pretty good song! And as a result a lesser song has gotten as spot on the playlist, though they probably don't know the show exists in the first place. Jaysus, I need to get out more.

New Young Pony Club - Lost A Girl

I've probably become a shambles of a DJ since watching The Boat That Rocked. That film was definitely a band influence on me.

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