Saturday, January 16, 2010

So hot right now, jj!

My brain jury is still out on mysterious Swedes jj. Pitchfork's been in love with them since their first single Ecstacy, which admittedly is a pretty awesome tune.

Two more songs turned up on the interwebs this week.

My Way, at first it sounds a little like The XX who they're touring the US with in March, jj and The XX, genius), then this awful auto-tuned R&B hip-hop kinda thing comes in over what was a lovely song (apparently it's Lil Wayne, who the indie gods have deemed the acceptable token rapper du jour ...personally I don't get it). Then all of that disappears, with you thinking, did that actually happen? while it turns back into a nice listenable song. It won't be included on their forthcoming album jj n°3, so it may be a little experimenter for funsies. Alrighty then. The silly rapping aside though, it's a sweet little funky bouncy tune.

The second tune to drop is called Let Go. It's much more chilled out, with some nice drums and melodies and what not and stuff. Sure just have a listen and see what you think yourself!

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