Friday, January 22, 2010

Local roundup

G'wan the locals! It's been a good week for Galway music.

I've had a listen to the Followers Of Otis album that's due out in a few weeks, it's pretty good indeed. I'll need to give it another few listens but much like their E.P so lovely singalong folk music from brother's Adam, Brian, Eoin and Geoff. The album will be called And Those To Come Hereafter, keep an eye on their myspace for details.

Great excitement building over the release of Lost Chord's debut E.P. The band that started out as David Phelan on his own in his bedroom under the name Walt The Wonderboy. I came across Dave while judging a radio battle of the bands on Flirt fm, Galway's college radio station, which he won. After that he enlisted Fuz from Disconnect 4 to play guitar for a few laptop/guitar/loops shows. Admittedly they were messy but they showed promise. Along the way the band have picked up a drummer, bassist and keyboardist (?) and have supported the likes of Port O Brien, The XX, Fujiya & Miyagi, Islands and New York Dolls. The E.P launch is this Thursday in the Roisin Dubh. The E.P it's is running late but you can get a copy after next weekend. It's all streaming online now!

While I have bollocks all respect for the Meteor Awards I noticed they're doing some sort of best newcomer award, which clearly has a hard-on for Tuam! So fair play to The Ralphs, The Coonics (who both contributed a member each to the drunkest dude in Galway awards last night) and Keith Mullins. Details on the Meteor website.

And finally So Cow is off to the Shtates again! One of the best bands to come out of Ireland in a while, So Cow is Brian Kelly, also from Tuam (I'm from Tuam by the way, but this isn't a biased post, there just happens to be loads of great Tuam music at the moment!), has been writing and recording from home for months, coming out to play the odd gig now and again. He'll be playing the Woolstore behind Browne's pub in Tuam on Friday Jan. 29th, then Gigantic in Kelly's in Galway the next day ...and then he's off! He'll be kicking off his US tour on February 11th in New Jersey, then tour around, playing SXSW on his way and finishing it all up on March 31st.

I'd put up some free mp3's but I'd be liable for an auld beat down in the Roisin later.

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