Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dancefloor Magic vol. 5

Sorry this is late, long day in work then off for dinner with the ladyfriend meant I was out of time for the usual Saturday dancefloor tunes. It shan't happen again. But better late than never eh? And I haven't gone to sleep yet so it's technically still Saturday. K, here goes.

Love is a mashup album of some of The Beatles greatest songs, originally put together for Cirque Du Soleil, put together by their original producer and fifth Beatle, George Martin and his son Giles. This is probably my favourite Beatles song, I've never gotten sick of it and I can't imagine I ever will. The extra bits and bobs added in make it oh so very danceable!

The Beatles - Lady Madonna (Love Album Version)

Silly dancing ahoy! Drop this once everyone has gotten good and wankered and have a jump about. Those not dancing like morons are no fun and weren't worth having on the floor anyway. Wiiiiiiiicked!

MC Vapour & Ali G - Jungle Is Massive

And finally, yes yes I know, another classic remixed, BUT, you really can't mess with this. Mark Ronson puts a tasteful, danceable and beefed up spin on this Dylan classic. I love Bob as much as the next crusty poet but I'm not gonna be the guy jumping about to Lay Lady Lay.

Bob Dylan - You Go Your Way & I'll Go Mine (Mark Ronson Remix)

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