Wednesday, November 24, 2010

N-E-W: New Years Evil & Black Tambourines

These two are from Art Is Hard Records, which is run by two guys in Portsmouth and Plymouth who are originally from Weymouth, which apart from sounding funny had me none the wiser, although I have a friend who recently moved to Portsmouth and has great things to say about it. I'm gonna copy and paste straight from the press release here:

"aih002 - to be released Nov 29th, is a split 7" between Exeter's New Years Evil (like No Age covering The Wedding Present) and Falmouth's The Black Tambourines (like The Black Lips if they were from Cornwall)"

...because this worked on me. Black Lips from Cornwall? Yes please. Both tracks are excellent, looking forward to hearing more. New Years Evil also remind me of bits of Sebadoh and Killing Joke for some reason, certainly a classic 80's grungey sound, all good of course. For more details check out their website and their Soundcloud page.

New Years Evil - Shame Alt

The Black Tambourines - Tommy Alt

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