Friday, November 5, 2010

N-E-W (ish): SSLYBY, Warpaint, Born Ruffians, 65 Days Of Static, Black Francis, The War On Drugs and Dinosaur Pile Up

Major catchup this evening. I've been listening to quite a few albums and now it's time to put it into blogsville for your listening pleasure and your own views.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin are the perfect pop band. A mix of Fang Island and Weezer maybe. Clear, upbeat, utter enjoyment. Let It Sway came out way back in August.

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Banned (By The Man)

I'll be honest, Beetles, by Warpaint, which I posted way back during SXSW has been roaming around my head since I first heard it, so the albums eventual release was a relief. What can I say? Suitably long songs to get lost in. I'm not sure how I feel after listening to them but like a drug, this album will enhance any mood, good or bad. The Fool is essential listening.

Warpaint - Warpaint

Born Ruffians followed their notable 2008 debut album with a decent second, Say It, which came out a few months back on Warp Records. Now they've released a tour only E.P called Plinky Plonk. It's a seven track miscellaneous bits and bobs release with some real gems on there, furthering their crystal clear vocal, tight young indie rock sound.

Born Ruffians - Pool Party Fun

Sheffield's 65 Days Of Static are another band following the 1960's ethos of release! release! release! ...following their rather good We Were Exploding Anyway they've brought out the Heavy Sky E.P. Big fans will enjoy this, it features a wordless version of the track Come To Me, which featured Robert Smith on the album. PX3 is a piano fronted epic of epic proportions which is a delight, but beyond this we have the frankly lacklustre dance-rock The Wrong Shape and the absolutely atrocious Sawtooth Rising, which is in effect a rocked up Tiest-electro song. Bloody awful.

65 Days Of Static - PX3

Black Francis. Frank Black. Big guy from The Pixies. Genius? I think so. i think he's talented. If it's damn fine rock or pop music you're after let him off and he'll come back with some excellent songs. This is a strange album, it's his "rock" version of a soundtrack he wrote and performed in 2008 for for 1920 film, The Golem: How The He Came Into The World. It's a silent film about the persecution of the Jews in Prague, often cited as their height of German expressionism apparently. Confused? Here's the film with Frank's soundtrack. Odd indeed.

Black Francis - Makanujo

I've been looking forward to this album since their early singles. For once, I though, NME have nailed it. Not about "the rebirth of grunge", but that this band were spot on! The album aint bad. At best it's not far off decent Ash or Weezer. At worst it's a Foo Fighters or Feeder album tracks. Pity. I don't mean to sound obsessive mentioning them twice today but there's a way to make heavy, clean, clear music sound good, and it's called Fang Island. Give em a shout and make another album, go!

Dinosaur Pile Up - My Rock n' Roll

The War On Drugs. Now this is an album. Mature, simple (but by no means boring) and rock n' roll. I'm only on my second listen but I'm hearing lo-fi country rock, epically urgent vocals and a bunch of people enjoying making music ...and this track that sounds like a band that should have been called Arcade Springsteen.

The War On Drugs - Baby Missiles

That's all for the moment, I'll have more on Sunday including Stereolab (cracking altogether), Mew, No Joy, Octopus Project and Willy Mason. And tomorrow, as it is Saturday, I'll be posting some dancefloor magic!

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