Tuesday, November 23, 2010

N-E-W: Bear Mountain, Blow! & Shark?

An all kinds of everything new music post.

Bear Mountain make thick synth, sample heavy, pop hooked music with interesting beats and an overall tasty groove. Hear a few tracks on their Bandcamp page and download this one for free. It's a one man operation from Vancouver, Canada. I can imagine we'll hear more from this dude.

Bear Mountain - Eden Alt

This band are called Blow! and they're from Ithica in New York. This is their debut single, from their upcoming 7" release, Overrated. It's pretty straightforward pop, with beautiful 50's harmonies.

Blow! - Better Day Alt

This one is a real gem. I've been posting a lot of dirty rock recently and this is up there on the top of the pile. Shark? are not an easy band to pin down, which is no bad thing of course. Listening to their new single, I'm An Animal which you can have a listen to on Soundcloud. I imagine the Velvet Underground have gone on a camping trip and decided to write the music to the montage of all the fun they had. It's punky, straight up Stooges energy and grit, but synthy and upbeat. I'll be honest I have the biggest smile on my face listening to one of my favourite new bands. Check out their bandcamp page, they've a whole pile of E.P's to listen to and download free.

I'm An Animal is available to pre-order through Rough Trade now, for release on 7" on December 7th and is limited to 200 copies.

Shark? - Tesla Alt

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