Tuesday, November 2, 2010

N-E-W: Roundup! ....Cee Lo Green, Fujiya And Miyagi, Broken Records, John Forte and more and more

A few quick catchup over the past few weeks. Over the next few days I'll be posting a Villagers session I recorded back in my time in radio which is beautiful and another roundup of more albums I've been listening to including The Bees, Stereolab, No Joy, Black Francis and A Sunny Day In Glasgow.

Cee Lo Green - Old Fashioned

Yet another amazing song. Classic soul. Simple as. Lady Killer finally out this day next week

Fujiya & Miyagi - Sixteen Shades Of Black And Blue

The first listen from Ventriloquizzing which is out in January. Krautrock, ambling, nice as usual.

Broken Records - A Leaving Song

Melancholy sounds, tortured vocals, eventually uplifting. Fine music from a fine band. Let Me Come Home is out now on 4AD.

California Wives - Blood Red Youth

With an initial guitar tone that recalls early Oasis this track builds into a solid upbeat indie pop song with typically teen-twang vocals and a solid driving beat. Affair E.P is out now.

John Forte - Gone

Odd story. Forte, co-producer of The Fugees epic The Score, was arrested in Newark Airport with $1.4 million of liquid cocaine in 2000 and sentenced to a mandatory 14 years minimum in prison. Carly Simon (of You're So Vain fame) has a son who went to university with Forte, so she takes up his cause as they believe he hadn't received a fair trial. Through Senator Orrin Hatch, George W. Bush commuted his sentence to 8 years. He's back with this excellent minimal hip-hop track featuring HD Fre, Talib Kweli, AZ and Sass Jordan. Water Light Sound will be out over the next few months, as is a documentary on his life.

Cloudy Busey - Pound Your Town To Hell

Rich, warm pianos, rich, warm strings, hypnotic xylophones (I think), I wanna get under a blanket and listen to this again. I'm enjoying the amount that bands are experimenting at the moment, without trying to make their own instruments or playing some outsider nonsense. This song could have been a simple guitars, bass, drums track (and there's nothing wrong with that), but I dig the amount that's going on. Cloudy Busey is the side project of Bob from excellent Japanese band Ice Cream Shout.

Generationals - Trust

This is a belter. Pure and simple. Head bopping, rock n' roll with a brilliant riff, and then it kicks it something wonderful. New Orleans band that I want to hear more and more of. Trust E.P is out this day next week.

Hosannas - When We Were Young

Adding to the long list of gutter pop bands I'm listening to at the moment. There are two piles, bands that are making darn good, well thought out and well written dirt pop ...and bands that would record in better quality if they weren't so lazy. I like this band. Their album, Together is out next Monday.

Times New Viking - No Room To Live

Finally, writers of what was probably my favourite song of 2008 (Drop Out) have a new album out, their second on Matador Records. Born Again Revisited came out in September.

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