Wednesday, November 3, 2010

N-E-W: Suuns, Zeroes QC

I love hearing a band that screams "see me live" in first listen. Montreal's Suuns (formerly Zeroes) are absolutely fantastic. This morning I was all set to post a few bands, along with that Villagers session I mentioned yesterday but then, you know how it is, you find your new favourite band, speakers get hooked up, neighbours get annoyed, toast gets eaten ...the usual shit.

Does subtly epic make sense? Very tasteful, taking elements of post-rock, indie, electronic, and alt rock styles. Just to get an idea think Fuck Buttons meet Radiohead meet Not Squares meet Fugazi. Something like that anyway.

Zeroes QC is out now on Secretly Canadian, was produced by Jace Lasek of Besnard Lakes and can be purchased here.

Good stuff.

Suuns - Arena Alt

Suuns - PVC Alt

Suuns - Up Past The Nursery Alt

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