Sunday, April 11, 2010

Goodbye Gerard!

Anyone in New York? Keep your ears sharp for a high pitched roar of "WOO WOO WOO" throughout clubs and bars from next week on. Our good friend Gerard is hopping on the auld coffin ship for a new life in the Shtates, he's from Donegal so you won't understand a word he says, but once you get past the language barrier he's one of the nicest people anyone could have the pleasure of meeting. He'll be looking for the "Buckie", shouting Ian Brown lyrics at people, sporting a mid 80's adidas Liverpool FC jacket and a Joy Division Unknown Pleasures t-shirt, you can't miss him saying that we will.

A mess of songs this evening, I've just gotten settled in my new studio which far far away from fair Galway but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I'd never have thought this would be much of a wakeup song but it went down pretty well this morning, rar. This was a single taken from the band's album Classics back in 2006, recorded in a house owned by Bjork (I got this info from Wikipedia, it may not be true!). On a more reliable front Ratatat do have an album on the way, LP4 in due out May 17th.

Ratatat - Wildcat Alt

I'll have a full post tomorrow with all of the songs I playued on the show this evening but I really must run after this post as I gots to hop on a train back home, but here are two songs I played this evening that I like.

I was both delighted and annoyed to hear more from Deer Tick. Delighted because they're good and it was nice to hear something new. Annoyed because they had an album out last year and I completely missed it! And I suppose delighted again because I have even more Deer Tick to listen to than I realised. The Black Dirt Sessions will be out June 8th.

Deer Tick - 20 Miles Alt

How do you pronounce this? Is it meee ameeee, or just Miami, like the city in Florida? Great little screamer of a tune, Steal Your Face is out this month.

Mi Ami - Latin Lover Alt

Check back tomorrow for full coverage of this evening's show!

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