Friday, April 2, 2010

Game Over

A mismatch of magic on the blog today. First off, Happy Good Friday, today we celebrate the death and resurrection of the Easter Bunny. In Ireland, much like every other religious holiday, we celebrate by getting monumentally totalled. And on top of that, the Catholic Church of old demanded that the government close all pubs, so being a stubborn shower of fuckers we, as a nation, are determined to piss them right off. By making absolute shit of ourselves. I, however, have work tomorrow so I'll be taking it handy!

Tomorrow will be my last Saturday afternoon radio show. The radio station I work for have decided to relocate to a town that isn't Galway. I rather like Galway so I decided not to move with them. For the past two years I've filled four hours every Saturday afternoon, I've had lovely listeners, good ratings and lots of freedom to piss about reading the paper and playing a few tunes. I won't lie, it was an easy gig, because god knows, on a Saturday, all anyone wants is a few tunes. In one way I'll miss it, but at the same time I won't miss having to play watered down music. I'll still be broadcasting on Sunday nights between 5 and 9, all new music, all what I want to play, all good as far as I'm concerned. Keep an eye on the blog, all of the tracklists will be published here. So for the final Saturday show, any requests? Mail me,, anything goes for four hours tomorrow on i102-104fm (or online) between 1:50 and 5:50!

A few great songs that I've come across recently.

I was delighted to find out today that one of my favourite bands, Band Of Horses have a new song and video! You can see, hear and download the video here

This is the second single to be released (April 30th) from the forthcoming New Pornographers album Together. It's wonderfully 60's, lovely vocals, rocky at times, and did I mention there's whistling?! Well there is, and when whistling is done right, you simply cannot mess with it. Well done New Pornographers, you're going on my Christmas card list!

The New Pornographers - Crash Years Alt

My second song today has had me bopping in my chair all morning. Immediately nailing my interest with some early 90's commercial acid house pianos (if you're a regular reader you may know that while I try to maintain an air of indie or cool or whatever, I do have a fascination with acid house and dodgy 90's tunes in general). And despite using all manners of overused bits and pieces, MSTRKRFT style electronic handlclaps, vocodered vocals etc. it works! It's a great song! Check out more of their stuff on

Montauk - Holiday Alt

Finally, the new single from The Hold Steady. Not much to say about these guys. It's just cracking straight forward rock music! Heaven Is Whenever is out April 30th

The Hold Steady - Hurricane J Alt

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