Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nouveau Noise

This was a strange one. I recieved a facebook friend request from this band. Now I rarely hold my breath for anything good from facebook requests, usually local bands trying to be the next Zeppelin. That's their buzz, not really mine though. But Nouveau Noise, well they're bloody brilliant! This is the second time recently that I've found a band that's been operating under my nose that I hadn't come across that have been great. Galway's a small place, generally if someone puts two nice chords together in their living room it leads to a bit of a buzz about town! The other band I had never heard of that are great and from Galway were Low Sea. I'll be blogging about them soon.

But ya, very little info on Nouveau Noise apart from these two songs, a bandcamp and a myspace. Also, their debut album, Paraphrase Accolade, is coming out soon.

Nouveau Noise - Goni Alt

Nouveau Noise - Cinnte Alt

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  1. Hey Josh> Here's a bit of info from RTE 2XM's Steven Battle:

    Nouveaunoise were making waves this time two years ago. After garnering much attention following support slots for Super Extra Bonus Party and Messiah J and The Expert, not to mention some phenomenal headline dates in Galway Dublin and Cork things were looking very bright indeed for the West coast duo. But then they disappeared. Lost to the ether... or so we thought...

    Continue reading at:

    Apoligies for my inability to supply information earlier. Talk soon.