Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Taping Songs Off The Radio Is Killing Music!!!

Short and sweet today folks, have to run and do shit! But tomorrow is my last day as a full time employee anywhere for a while so more blogging, unless I become really lazy. It's all possible, but ya, here's to getting up at 2, eating Coco Pops for dinner and having a great fricking summer!

I try to avoid posting radio rips, but it's Chemical Brothers. C'mon like! Also, there's this lovely feel of taping songs from the radio, with Pete Tong coming over the end. Further is out June 7th

Chemical Brothers - Escape Velocity (radio rip) Alt

Canadian heroes Stars have a new song. It's the first song released from The Five Ghosts which is out June 22nd

Stars - Fixed Alt

And an old song I heard today, written by Wilson Pickett. A much used series of chords but a lovely lovely song.

Otis Redding - You Left The Water Running Alt

Star Guitar - The Chemical Brothers from Chen VM on Vimeo.

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