Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thee Oh Sees

I love Thee Oh Sees. It's filthy, dirty, rock n' roll but not in a mindless way. It's nice to come across a band and know immediately that there's absolutely no way they're giong to be bad live. In saying that I've never seen them live but one can only imagine they're outrageously good!

Here are a few songs to sample, if you like them there are 11 albums from the past few years to check out, as well as loads of E.P's, 7"s and compilations.

Thee Oh Sees - Ruby Go Home Alt

Thee Oh Sees - Ghost Alt

Thee Oh Sees - The Coconut Alt

Was half thinking about heading to ATP anyway, gonna go check for tickets now!

7 May 2010: ALL TOMMOROWS PARTIES Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead, England
10 May 2010: Trix: Antwerp
11 May 2010: France Annecy Brise Glace, Annecy
12 May 2010: France LYON nuits sonores, Lyon
13 May 2010: Sidro Club, Rimini
14 May 2010: EREMO, Bari
15 May 2010: Covo Club, Bologna
16 May 2010: Guilty Party Boat Cruise, Venice, Varese
19 May 2010: Le rex, Toulouse
20 May 2010: L’abordage, Evreaux
21 May 2010: FĂȘte de l’huma (open air), Bordeaux
21 May 2010: France BORDEAUX (Begles) Fete de l’HumanitĂ©, Bordeaux
22 May 2010: Des Lendemains Qui Chantent, Tulle
26 May 2010: PortugaL GALERIA ZBD LISBOA, Lisbon
27 May 2010: Portugal Plano B, Porto
29 May 2010: Barcelona Primavera Sound Show Case
1 Jun 2010: Deaf Institute, Manchester
2 Jun 2010: Clunny, Newcastle
3 Jun 2010: Captains Rest, Glasgow, Scotland
4 Jun 2010: Leeds Brudenell, Leeds
5 Jun 2010: Luminaire, London
6 Jun 2010: Vilette Sonic Festival (open air) Paris
7 Jun 2010: Atelier Francophonie, La Rochelle
8 Jun 2010: Aucard de Tours Festival
8 Jun 2010: France TOURS FESTIVAL AUCARD, Limousin

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